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2007 January -- Westport's Ann Karrick, Renaissance Woman? (PDF available)

Westport Minuteman January 11, 2007 Page-A11

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Westport’s Ann Karrick is on the go


If such a thing as a modern day Renaissance woman exists, then it exists most definitely in the personage of Westport resident Ann Karrick.

Athlete, broadcaster, media personality, foreign language specialist, teacher, business person....the list of Karrick’s talents is definitively ongoing. Locally, she is probably best known as a newscaster for WICC in Bridgeport, and also as a guest host on the radio station.

But what is gathering Karrick more airtime than anything else these days is her gig as the host and producer of the national weekly television show, “For the Record,” which is broadcast on the ION television network and taped in New London.

“Because we’re in New London locally, many of the issues that we talk about are directly related to Connecticut and Rhode Island,” explained Karrick. “But we discuss a lot of topics that are of national interest and we think that people anywhere in the country will be interested in them. Recently, we’ve had programs on bird flu, pandemics, women’s sexuality, coping skills — subjects that have wide appeal.”

As producer as well as host of the show, Karrick is responsible for selecting the show’s topics and coordinating guests. Among some of the guests who have appeared with Karrick on For the Record are Debbie Reynolds, Charlie Daniels, Kara Wolters, Ralph Nader, Al Roker and former Westport First Selectwoman and Fourth District Congressional candidate Diane Farrell.

With such wide ranging topics and guests, viewers might come under the impression that Karrick knows just about everything. When asked if she is indeed “The Woman Who Knows Everything?” Karrick just laughed and answered, “I’m going to try to never say anything on the air is a fact, if I’m not positive. So, I guess I’m not the woman who knows everything.”

Maybe not, but her wide ranging interests and host of projects makes her at least knowledgeable on most topics that are bandied about on the airwaves. And Karrick is receiving plenty of airtime. Besides For the Record and WICC, Karrick also hosts a regular talk show on WPKN in Bridgeport and does newscasts on WEBE- 108 and WFAS in Westchester County. One of her first gigs in broadcasting was as a morning show co-host on Q105 in New London. Currently, she is also exploring the possibility of beginning a nationally syndicated real estate show based out of Florida.

But that’s just the broadcast side of Karrick. There is much more.

For example, Karrick is also the local network leader for Women in Sports Careers (WISC), a worldwide business and career network that provides business networking and career opportunities for women interested in the business of sport.

The group’s most recent event was held in December at the Wonderland of Ice and the Nutmeg Curling Club in Bridgeport. The evening featured a talk by Lisa Fedick of Easton, the owner of Wonderland of Ice and a leading area figure skater. After the networking portion of the event, WISC members got a chance to take a crack at curling, the Canadian sport that has slowly been gathering a foothold in the United States.

My life is flipped since I was in my early 20’s,” explained Karrick. “I was in the corporate world as a nine to five person and now it’s the exact opposite.”

Karrick’s involvement with WISC stems from her own athletic background. Growing up in Easton, Karrick became a competitive figure skater and speed skater, and she continues both sports these days — as well as skiing — albeit a lot less frequently.

“I figure skated and speed skated competitively from first-grade to college,” recalled Karrick. “I couldn’t begin to count the hours and days I spent at the Wonderland of Ice. In figure skating, the pressure I put on myself impeded my progress. In speedskating, I qualified for the time trials and tried out for the world team. I did skate against Bonnie Blair, Cathie Turner and Sylvia Daigle frequently. All have Olympic medals. Had I relocated to an area with more speedskating at that time, I might have joined them at the Olympics.”

A few years back, Karrick moved from Black Rock to Westport and has embraced the town wholeheartedly. She is a substitute foreign language teacher for the Westport school system as well as a trained member of the Community Emergency Response Team. Karrick is also a moderator for town elections and is an Ambassador of the Westport/Weston Chamber of Commerce.

“I like Westport because it’s close to Easton where I grew up and it’s also close to New York

City,” explained Karrick. “It’s on the train line, there are good town services and there are great beaches here. I don’t like what’s happening with the tear downs, though. There are beautiful, smaller historic homes being ripped down and replaced with huge, ugly monstrosities.”

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