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2010 February -- Ann Karrick Donates Her Curls To Make Wigs For Cancer Patients


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Thursday, February 25th


Westport, CT (Feb 2010) -- Television and radio host Ann Karrick of Westport is cutting her curls, and donating the hair to make wigs for cancer patients; the appointment is set for February 25th. The Greg & Tony Salon in Westport will do the cutting and styling.


When asked if she wanted short hair, Karrick said, “Not really, I’ll probably grow it out again. I did want to cut off several inches, so it made sense to cut more than I wanted in order to put it to good use. It’s hair, it should grow back!


That’s the whole idea with donating hair to make wigs for cancer patients; people who have hair can grow it long, cut it, and grow it back while cancer patients cannot.


Greg & Tony Salon is a Ouidad salon, making it the perfect choice for Karrick and her curls since both the salon and Ouidad are known for curl expertise and techniques.


Karrick went on to say, “The reaction from others surprised me at first; typically with long hair, when you mention cutting it there are gasps of horror. In this case, I heard so many personal stories about people who had donated hair in honor or memory of someone with cancer; the responses were very encouraging and inspiring.


In a recent study, 60 percent of women consider hair loss the most dreaded side of chemotherapy; eight percent of those are at risk of avoiding potentially life-saving treatment. Real-hair wigs at full price can cost as much as $1200 and are not always covered by insurance; that’s why hair donation is so important. Donated hair is used to make wigs that are free or at very low cost for cancer patients.


There are requirements for donating hair, including length, percentage of gray, treatments, etc. Donations need to be wrapped in an elastic band, and 8-10 inches long. Some coloring and treatment is okay, as long as the hair is not overly dry or damaged. Two of the best known programs for donating hair to make wigs for cancer patients are Beautiful Lengths and Locks of Love.


Many local salons and stylists will offer a free haircut for those donating hair. If you are thinking about cutting it all off, ask your favorite hair stylist if they participate, you might be pleasantly surprised!

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