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Ann's Top Tep .... June 2006 ... You know it's summer when...

Wednesday, March 8th, 4-7pm

  Tax Season -- Do you do your own taxes? Why or why not? Got questions?

  Striking Teamsters -- Hear from a labor relations expert, what's going on with Sikorsky?

  Health Care & Insurance -- Strikes, Cost, Alternatives

  Plan B & South Dakota Bill -- What do you think? What will happen?

  Business Networking Event -- SEVEN chambers combined event, it's free!

 Friday, March 24th, 4-7pm

  T.A.I.L.S -- Advice and help for "Fluffy" and other pets -- Norwalk on April 6th.

  College admissions letters are out -- Dr. Pepper tells us what matters.

  Tower of Power -- Emilio is on the show, the band is in the area!

  Want to be a musician? This Sunday in Ridgefield, Music Expoganza! Chuck Scott

  John Hickey Band -- On the show this week, in studio next week.

  Cheaper By The Dozen -- 10 children, home schooling. How do they do it?

  Organizing & Delegating -- getting it all done in less time... if we have time!


Friday, April 14th, 4-7pm (Good Friday)

  Could your next vacation be in space? Taylor Dinerman knows the answer

  Tips for the house! Spruce it up for spring, or to sell it, with Jim Gallagher

  US Ports, managed by a company from Dubai -- not if Alan Neigher has his way

  Immigration police, what's all the fuss about? Judith Sporn has the truth about immigration

  Advice and help for "Fluffy" from The Grateful Dog!

  Hired Help -- getting it all done in less time, with a little help from the Ivy!

Friday, May 5th, 4-7:30pm (Cinco de Mayo, KY Derby)

  Mortgages, getting one and watching the rates, Joseph & Olga (Source Mortgage)

  Tips for the house! Spruce it up for spring, or to sell it, with Jim Gallagher

  Jazz Fest!!! Last chance, this weekend, Rich from Chef's Table has more

  Chuck from Cool Tea, about the exponganza in New York City, and sports careers

  Joey, the jazz expert! Jazz tidbits, good music, and a possible in studio visit

  John Hickey is back -- talking funk & jazz!

  Gas prices are crazy -- so what about those mega SUVs! Roz & Suz sing about it

Friday, May 19th, 4-6:30pm

  Immigration and Bush - Ed Lynch, Hollins University & aid to President Reagan

   Dr. Carpenos has an idea for your back pain -- and it's not surgery.

  Rolla is back -- live in studio, and in Bridgeport tonight

  Webster bank brings Disney fun to Stratford this weekend

  Letterman top-10 and the concert report

  Anne Kissel is back ... with Rosanne and famous friends coming to Shelton

June 26-30

Workplace - Dale Collie*

Immigration - Kevin Hoffkins,  Ed Lynch

Dating/Body Language - Don Steele*

Highways, Police - Sgt. Vance

Driving Safety  - John Fitch

Leo Boogie, Musician

Melissa Mulligan, Musician

US Ports & Dubai - Alan Neigher

Fighting Terrorism - Ed Lynch, Bryan Rigg

90 Pound SUV - Rozanne Gates, Suzanne Sheridan

Gas:  Prices, Usage, Alternatives - Mike Fox, GASDA

Ann's Top Ten

Westport Playhouse, John Tillinger, The Drawer Boy

Holiday Party Foods - Penney Parkes, Lori Sandler/Divvies

DaVinci Code - Dale Allen

Prill Boyle, Author

July 5-12

DoD Sexual Assault, Cruise Crime, Conserve - Chris Shays

American Red Cross & Blood Supply - Paul Sullivan

Pets and Behavior - Mary Ellen Walsh

Melissa Mulligan, Musician ... live to chat and play

After the breakup - Mark Roseman, David Levy CRC-Kids

ABC TV How To Get The Guy - Alissa & Adam!

Divorce & Rebound - Wally & Mary Marcus

Mortgages & Alternatives - Joseph & Olga, The Source

Tips for Your House - Jim Gallagher*

Westport Playhouse, Tazwell Thompson, Constant Star

Jeff Wignall, Author/Photographer

Work & Wages - Barbara Potopowitz, PCSW

Unions, Good & Bad - Phil Mortensen

All-Star Baseball, JAMS - YMCA - Westport - Catering

Clean Renewable Energy - Charlie Moret

DJ Carey, Editor Cottage & Gardens

Health Insurance & HSAs - Ken Landy

Eminent Domain - Scott Sawyer

Jerry Vigorito, Musician

July 31

Israel/Hezbollah Update,  Ed Lynch

Workplace - Dale Collie*

Financial Training for Small Business, Fran Pastore WBDC

Dating/Body Language - Don Steele*

Aug 11-15

Nutmeg Curling Club - Jennifer Stannard

Music Jam! Jerry Vigorito & Lauren Agnelli

Dogs for Adoption - CT Humane Society

Workplace - Dale Collie* -- Best Impressions

Changing Face of TV News - Paul Farhi, Washington Post

Babe, The Sheep Pig - Stratford Festival Theater

Dating/Body Language - Don Steele*

HideAways Vacations - Mike Thiel

Tabitha Fair (accompanied by Marcus Wolf)

Aug 16-21

Korean Missile Update, Don Hellman, Univ. Washington

Dylan Connor, musician/singer

CT-VIP, Rich Shulman

New Haven Jazz Festival - Johnny Lang, TS Monk

Showtime's Weeds - Page Kennedy CANCELLED

Adopting Dogs - Mary Ellen Walsh, The Grateful Dog



Workers - Dale Collie*, Courage Builders

Head Hunters for Job Search - Paul Webster, MichaelPage

Work & Behavior - Don Steele*

Sep 1, 4-7pm

Transplant Truths - Dr. David Hull, Hartford Hospital

Communication Styles & Politics/Elections - Ruth Sherman

Bluefish Labor Weekend - Mary Jane Foster, Bpt Bluefish

Sep 5-8 Middays 10a-1p

Job Fairs & Area Job Trends, John Tirinzonie/DOL

"The Guys" 9/11 Tribute Performance, Lou Ursone/Curtain Call

Entrepreneur's Workshop, Barbara Potopowitz/PCSW

Crocodile Hunter Reaction, Gregg Dancho/Beardsley Zoo

  & Jack Schneider/Maritime Aquarium

Fitness, Exercise, Without Injury, Amy Bento/NRG Fitness

North Korea's Nuclear Plans, Don Hellman/Washington University

Politics and Terrorism, Ed Lynch/Hollins University


Middle East Issues, Bryan Rigg

Preparing Women for the REAL World, Pres. Nancy Oliver Gray/Hollins University

Tips for Parents of New College Students, Pres. Nancy Oliver Gray/Hollins University

Home Health Care, Guy Tommasi/CT VNA

CT Renaissance Golf Outing, Patrick McAuliffe CEO

DeStefano & Malloy, John DeStefano

Update from Congressman Christopher Shays

Kicking the Bad-Boy Habit, Kristina Grist author Addickted

Sara Forbes Memorial Walk/Run, Jeff Forbes

Clean Water & Broadwater LNG, Leah Schmalz/Save the Sound

Noise and Hearing Loss, Rhoda Nayor/St.Vincents

Housing & Homelessness, Carol Martin & Carmen Colon, Fairfield 08

Sports Night, Mia Schipani/Fairfield County Sports Commission

Senator Joe Lieberman, The Campaign

Oct 26 (Thursday) Midday 10a-1p

Curling in Connecticut, Jennifer Stannard, Nutmeg Curling

Designer Furniture, Patty Buckley, Homestyle Furniture Outlet

Avian Flu & Pandemics, Dr. Robert Lyons, St. Francis Hospital

Voting-New Machines-Campaining, Westport Registrars, Judy Raines & Nita Cohen

Physical Therapy at Home, Lisa Socha, Gentiva Health Services

Skate America in Hartford, Emily Hughes, Olympic Figure Skater

Breast Cancer Awareness & Breast Appreciation, Susan G Komen Foundation

Halloween Treat Alternatives for Allergies & Non-foods, Lori Sandler, Divvies

Nov 16 (Thursday) Midday 10a-1p

Great American Smokeout -- Quit Smoking, Today or For Good!

Holidays 101: Avoid the panic! Laurin Sydney

Overblown: National Security & Terrorism, John Mueller

TLCDirect.ORG, Helping Cancer Patients, Lana Rosenfield

Diabetes Awareness & Education, Linda Tampellini, Donna Hanson, Valerie Sorrentino

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