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Ann's Top Ten...
... you know it's summer when ...
 1.    Sticky buns are a condition, not a pastry
 2.    Property taxes are due
 3.    No chance of getting a speeding ticket on I-95 or the Parkway  however you are worried about getting a parking ticket
 4.    It’s still light outside, and you’re not at work
 5.    The car is so hot, your wife has actually warmed up by the time she gets home
 6.    The refrigerator sweats more than your husband
 7.    Everyone’s showing more skin including the neighbor, with no privacy fence or window coverings
 8.    Farmers are feeding chickens crushed ice to prevent them from laying hard boiled eggs
 9.    Ice cream or cold beer with every meal seems like a balanced diet
10.    It’s physically impossible to dry-off between showering and getting dressed

11.    The stagnant pond starts to look refreshing
12.    Shade, not distance, determines the best parking spot
13.    The smell of your bug spray overpowers your cologne
14.    You come in for dinner, after your bed time
15.    No longer need to lock doors because they are swollen shut from humidity
16.    A cool evening breeze brings the smoke from your neighbor’s BBQ
17.    After parking outside, you need gloves to touch the steering wheel
18.    Birds are using pot holders to pull worms from the ground
19.    Everyone who isn't a teacher is SUDDENLY wishing they were
20.    Frogs are wearing open “toad” shoes

21.    Mosquito union is picketing against deer-ticks from Lyme
22.    Gas prices are up, just in time for a vacation with your inlaws
23.    The aroma of road-kill permeates I-95 and the Parkway
24.    Dive bombing seagulls believe they were invited to the beach picnic
25.    Casual Friday now includes Monday through Thursday
26.    It seems your coworkers have a three-day work week
27.    Goose poop -- Peanut Butter & Sand Sandwiches -- Ice Coffee Brain Freeze Big Bee Stings