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Issues and Answers... select shows

Live: Comcast/New Haven-West Haven-Hamden Ch. 27 8:00pm - 4th Wednesday of each month

Replay: Cablevision/Fairfield to Woodbridge Ch. 71 Fridays at 10:30pm (SVCM)

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Advancing Your Career: Coaching and Branding -- October 2003


Nick Papadopoulos, president and founder of Sky's The Limit in Stamford,  talked about advancing your career, within your current company and industry or in a new position -- using coaching and brand imaging. "Coach Nick" talked about your personal Vision/Mission, Value Proposition, Target Audiences, Brand Promise, and Implementation -- and how to use them to find a new position or get promoted.


Natural Health & Healing -- Womens Health Issues -- October 2003


Dr. Joel Evans, founder and director of The Cener for Women's Health in Darien, talked about a variety of health issues for women -- including cancer, heart disease, hormone replacement therapy, stress, etc. -- and how to use scientific/traditional treatment in combination with holistic and alternative treatments.


Flexible Work Options -- May 2003


As summer approached, many people think about summer hours and flexible work schedules.  Susan Reitano Davis joined us from Flexible Resources to talk about alternative work schedules -- and not just for summer!  The discussion included part-time, job sharing, and flexible hours -- what they are, and how to approach your boss to ask for a change.


Single Dads -- February 2003


We hear so much about Single Moms, this time we talked to some Dads.  Both Bob and Allen raised their children.  Not surprising, they faced many of the same issues -- time constraints, financial issues, learning what the other parent did, dealing with teenagers -- not to mention the effect on personal/social life.


The Single Life II -- Single & Over 30 -- October 2002


Two years later, we checked in with three of our "single" adults to see what has changed.  Randye, Bob, and Joan, all had been in a relationship for at least a year, but by the time we met for the follow-up show, the relationships had ended.  Some ran their course, others ended on a soar note -- it's all part of being single and over 30.


Employee Rights II -- Attorney Stephen P. Horner -- April 2002


Stephen Horner returned to the show to provide an update on employment law.  What changed since September 11th, since the economy has been on the decline?  In addition, Horner did a refresher on what people should and shouldn't do, as well as what they should or shouldn't expect in different situations.  As before, you can visit Horner's website for more information, and for a do-it-yourself analysis of your situation.  www.jobrights.ws


Terrorism -- October 2001


Bob Orozco, a frequent traveler in the security business, and Linda Norman, a retired IBM professional and school teacher, joined viewers to discuss terrorism in the United States and the effects of the September 11th attacks.  Included in the discussion were how life has changed -- for the better and for the worse -- and thoughts about where we should go from here as a people and as a country.  Being more knowledgable about other customs and religions was suggested for people around the world. The show aired live on October 6th, the day before the United States began it's campaign against terrorists in Afghanistan.


Employee Rights -- Attorney Stephen P. Horner -- May 2001


Mr. Stephen Horner (attorney, author, speaker) discussed how employees can protect themselves from being mistreated by companies and employers -- and what to do if there is a claim.  Contract issues, discrimination, severance, wrongful discharge, harassment, non-compete agreements and more were on the agenda for May's show.   Stephen Horner's office is located in Norwalk, but he is admitted to practice in Connecticut and New York.  You can see if you have claim, using Mr. Horner's online test as a starter -- you'll find it at www.jobrights.ws.


Depression -- Dr. Harvey Ruben -- January 2001


Dr. Harvey Ruben, often heard on Star 99.9 FM, talked about stress and depression -- along with "holiday blues" and "seasonal affected disorder" (SAD).  Signs and symptoms were discussed, as well as treatments and when to seek professional help. Dr. Ruben is psychiatrist with a practice in New Haven, CT.  He also has done a nationally syndicated radio show, which was used as the premis for the NBC show "Frasier", and has had his own local television show.


The Single Life -- Single & Over 30 -- November 2000


Joan, Scott and Candide were on the show live, talking about how being single in your 30s and 40s is different from being single in your 20s or in college.  Also, they talked about how society views or treats single or divorced people in their 30s and 40s and how they go about meeting people.  Online dating was a hot topic -- something Candide knows about from his business Candide Connection --  Match.com also was mentioned.


Radio -- Star 99.9 FM (WEZN) Morning Show -- November 1999

John Harper, Randye Kaye, Tommy Edison


John, Randye, and Tommy shared with viewers what it's like working radio -- a typical day, how they got into the business -- and other tid-bits about themselves.

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